Terra Orbita Logo 650 x 350

Terra Orbita is a project for the HEIM Technical museum in Hengelo (OV), in The Netherlands. We were tasked with informing children, aged 6 to 16 of both genders, of different detection methods.

The game is played on touchscreens, where children can log in and then play the game. While having a good time playing the game we hope they’ll learn something about the detection systems and the purpose of the game.

Here we thought of a space orbit cleaner, where the player has to fly around the orbit of Earth to clean it from flying debris and meteoroids.

In the game you control a spaceship. This ship has the ability to clear the orbit of Earth from flying debris and meteoroids. To find the space debris you have to use one the dectection systems (InfraRed / Radar). You’ll have missions and ship upgrades along the way as you learn new methods on how to clean space!

  • Switch between radar and infrared
    • Infrared to see drillable meteoroids
    • Radar to see metal debris
  • Clean Earth’s orbit
  • Avoid incoming meteorites
  • Proceed through missions to upgrade your ship!
  • Get as many points as possible to beat your friends highscores

For this project I wrote a shader that makes earth transition between it’s light and dark side. When the lands on earth reach the darker side of earth, lights in it’s cities will be on.

Terra Orbita StartScreen