Tank Flash Arcade Game

This project was created in the second quartile of my first study year.

After having learned my first steps into Flash / ActionScript 3.0, we had to create game that would be played on an arcade machine. On this machine we could use 1 joystick and 6 buttons for the player actions.

Since we were playing on an arcade we figured we needed a game using a Highscore list to let other players compete against each other.

You have to defend your base using a tank, this tank has movement into 8 directions.
You can lock your barrel into a position to make it easier to shoot while driving. While you have are spamming your shoot button, you also have one cannon shot which has a significant reload timer.

Enemies spawn in waves and are getting harder as you progress through different wave levels.
– More Enemies
– More HP (Tank Color indicates HP)

Because the game gets harder and harder you get upgrade options with the money collected over time and by destroying the tanks.
You can upgrade your:
– Bullets (Damage)
– Base Turret (Damage & Speed)
– Repair Base Health

Heal up in time to keep on playing until you get overrun.

Learning the games controls and using your abilities the right way will get you far!

Tank Flash Arcade Game

Tank Flash Arcade Game

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