This game was developed for Tauw

Tauw is a consultancy and engineering agency with a strong position in environmental advice and the sustainable development of the living environment. 

For this client we have developed a game in which climate school playgrounds can be designed by children. A climate school playground is a playground in which the climate is considered. There is more nature and sustainable application.

The serious game consists of two parts:

– The input portal
– The design portal

  1. Locate your school on Maps
  2. Create a border of the School
  3. Create a border of the Playground 
  4. Place trees
  5. Generate grid

With the blueprint of the playground you can now start editing

Paint groud types
Place objects
Design your playground!


Public Vote “De Vernufteling”

De Vernufteling is presented annually to the consultancy or engineering firm that submits the most inventive project. Royal Dutch engineers and magazine De Ingenieur organize De Vernufteling.