Helitanks Menu Screen
Helitanks Menu Screen

HeliTanks is a Multiplayer Top-Down Shooter Game.

In HeliTanks you control your own tank that can morph into a helicopter with just one click on a button!
The game is fast paced and features a Free For All combat system.

You can drive or fly through the playing field, destroy enemy tanks, helicopters and buildings. The goal is to get as many points as possible before only one player remains alive.

Points are gained by killing or destroying anything you see on your path to victory!


The game is made in a custom C++ engine, of which the basics were provided by Saxion.

We had to write our own:

  • Animation classes
  • Sound classes
  • Collision classes
  • Shaders
  • Level loader

The game uses a controller for input.

The camera is automatically zooming in and out depending on the distance between the players. Players will always be seen on screen.

HeliTanks Full View Zoomed Out
HeliTanks Full View Zoomed Out

HeliTanks Controls screen
HeliTanks Controls screen