Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Slide game

The Avonturenpark Hellendoorn game was the game I worked on during my internship at Conceptlicious. With a team of five, we created and released this mobile game.

There are two games that can be played: an endless slider and a catapult game.
The endless slider shows their new waterslide park, while the catapult game shows the other rides in the theme park.

Both feature different mechanics and while I mainly worked on the endless game, I also helped create key parts in the catapult game. I took on the role of Lead Programmer and was assisted by one other programmer who switched to doing 3d modeling in the middle of the project. Because we had two games, the other programmer and I split up by both creating one of the games. Having playtests and code reviewing helped us stay up to date with each other’s work.

My tasks consisted of:

Programming Lead
– Endless Runner game
– Game design
– Catapult mechanics
– Audio manager
– Highscores
– Save & Load system
– In-Game shop
– Mobile optimizations
– Level editor tool
– UI implementation

From the first designs -> to prototypes -> to final product we completed the whole project during our time at the company.

This is a mobile game for both Android and iOS.
Android Play Store
Apple App Store